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About Shaded Whimsy

You Are More Than You Think!

Shaded Whimsy is a yoga studio, yes, but it is more than that. (If it was only a yoga studio, it would be called, "Shaded Whimsy Yoga Studio".) Shaded Whimsy is my catch-all playground for trying out as many of those shower ideas as I feasibly can.

Over the last several years, I've undergone a tremendous amount of growth. These days, I love to see others undergo growth of their own. If I can assist them along their path in any way, even better. 

It's fair to say that the goals of Shaded Whimsy are to:

A) assist humans on their paths of growth,

B) help willing humans get to know themselves. Like, really, deeply, no BS get to know themselves.

C) Indulge in whatever fancies that may occur to me at any given time. (I hope to have humans to indulge with me!)

Getting back to yoga for a moment, it is a fantastic practice for self-discovery. By moving through, and settling into, postures, yoga students discover just how stubborn they are, or if they are leading with their ego. They learn if they actually know how to listen to their bodies. If they are open to these lessons, they can learn to make improvements in their practices if they so desire, over time quieting their egos, shedding their stubbornness, and heeding what their bodies have to say. Once learned, these lessons can be transferred from the mat (or chair) to everyday life. How beautiful!

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