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Shaded Whimsy is more than just private yoga -- there are brilliant humans and venues that I get to bring ideas to life with! Learn more about them here.

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Renee Fleury

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Renee Fleury is a horticulturalist, photographer, and published author. She gives educational programs on horticulture and all things metaphysical and witchy. Her specialties are in sound healing and poisonous plants. She is as quirky as she is crafty, and enjoys cosplay, where she makes her own costumes. (Halloween is year ‘round, my friend.)

Being neurodivergent, she is always involved in several projects at once. As a result, she is skilled in many different crafts! A creative soul by nature, Renee expresses herself through a variety of different mediums. Her favorite, by far, is photography! Portraiture, events, and flowers are her best subjects.


Renee places special emphasis on mental health and working through trauma. She has found her greatest healing through her art, her plants, and of course going to therapy. She is a badass single mama who enjoys hiking and archery with her son Dante, and spending time with their ball python, Reina. (And… let’s be clear, Miss Reina IS the queen.) She is deeply spiritual, with special study in Hinduism and Druidry. More than anything, she believes that we are all one.


The Greater Waterbury YMCA

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Located right on the Waterbury Green, the Greater Waterbury YMCA is Waterbury's best kept secret that should never be kept. The facility is beautiful and well-cared for, home to a sprawling wellness center, a large group fitness room, two swimming pools, a hot tub, and countless programs for children and adults (including the LiveStrong Program which introduced me to the Y).


Meghan, the Wellness Director at the Y, hired me as a yoga sub right after I became certified as a yoga teacher in August 2020 and I have been there since! You can find me filling in for yoga teachers, occasionally teaching classes on the schedule, teaching at libraries or Camp Mataucha on behalf of the Y, and teaching the yoga class to LiveStrong participants. The Greater Waterbury YMCA feels like home!

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