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I’m a 66-year-old woman who’s had both hips and one knee replaced.

I’m overweight so there’s lots of pain on a daily basis. I met Amber at the Y when I walked into her chair yoga class. One of the best things I could have done. I’m stretching muscles I had forgotten I had, lol. I now do a one-on-one with Amber once a week. This has given me more mobility and some respite from the pain. Oh yeah, she’s a great listener.

Debra M. / Waterbury, CT / Private Yoga, Group Chair Yoga

Love Amber's class - very relaxing. She is a very qualified yoga teacher.

Try her classes at the Y.

Anonymous / The Greater Waterbury YMCA / Group Chair Yoga

I’m far from a yogi but Amber's classes are for all levels (and she means it). Whether your intention for the day is relaxing, stretching, moving your body, or just focusing on your breath work, Amber leads the class with zero judgement, just someone to follow if you need the guidance. I attended a workshop with yoga led by Amber and art led by Traci. It was a great experience to have a group of people with similar interests bond! I can’t recommend enough trying out a class or reaching out for one-on-one sessions!

Alyssa B. / Oakville, CT / Group Yoga, Art & Yoga

I am not a very flexible person. I'm awkward, introverted, overweight, and I don't like traditional "exercise." I have always been afraid to go to any classes because of all these reasons, but I knew I had to do something to be more active. This is why I am so, SO grateful I can take classes with Amber! She meets me and my abilities where I am. If I can't do a pose, she helps me find an alternate way to get the same benefits. I have noticed a definite physical improvement in myself! Things like picking my kids' toys up off the floor or putting on my socks is so much easier than it was before I started. I hadn't been able to sit "criss-cross-applesauce" in years, and I can do it now!


In addition to being a great instructor, Amber is a personal cheerleader. She's just as excited as I am when I can rock a Side Plank or Camel pose.


My self doubt and fear of judgement kept me sedentary for too long, but not anymore! I didn't think I could do these things, but I can! Amber helped get me there. I look forward to going to her classes and I always feel better after them. It's amazing to see the improvement!

Rebecca R. / Terryville, CT / Private Yoga

Practicing Yoga with Amber as a beginner has been awesome. She has opened her home and heart in teaching a practice that is all about YOU. One of the most important things I’ve taken from our time together is when she says, “This is *your* practice.”

It can be intimidating as a beginner to learn an ancient practice and to feel like you’re practicing each move correctly. Amber is a wonderful guide - she is reassuring, uplifting at every limit, and encouraging - she brings absolute joy to our sessions. I am continuously amazed to learn more about how to be in touch with my body, my mind, my heart, and my intentions.

Kimberlee H. / Seymour, CT / Private Yoga

As a 68-year-old-woman, I had done Chair Yoga in group settings previously, but these private sessions are so much better! Before going to Amber, I had poor range of motion everywhere, especially my neck, arms, and knees. In two months, my body movement has improved, and my body and spirit feel so much better, so much healthier.

Amber is professional and kind. There is no pressure from her during our sessions; rather she motivates me to try new poses and to see what my body is capable of, while reminding me to listen to my body.

Amber has helped me to overcome challenges, both physical and emotional. In these sessions, I am learning to breathe, relax, and feel pride in myself and my progress!

Vivian U. / Watertown, CT / Private Yoga

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